Building won't finish construction

Two story building I made for the Weaver won’t finish construction. Tons of scaffolding in the way of things that need to be built and no way (that I know of) to remove them. ib won’t finish the building and Hearthlings refuse to work on it. What’s more, saving the building as a template doesn’t work; when I try to build it from a template, I get an engine error. It’s really bugging me since I took a lot of time getting the building just right, and it won’t even save as a template. It could be the strange construction that’s bugging out the AI but the building seems fairly normal with no physics breaking features. Furthermore, the tab that shows what materials I’m missing counts -1 materials missing, and it’s curtains, of which I have more than enough.

Related pictures below:

Overhead look of the building in question.

Apparently new users can’t have more than one image in a post, so I suppose I’ll just add the rest of the photos in subsequent posts.

The building in build mode.

If you open list of objects, did you have all of them that required?

That was for a different building, sorry. This is the list of objects required.

I see this problem ones but can’t repo
I’m guess that they will ask to so can you please upload save for team?

Could the highlighted roof clipping into the other part of the building be part of the problem?

How do I upload a save?

It could be, but I can’t get a good enough angle to determine if that’s the case.

  1. Go to c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_games\ or similar
  2. Find last created directory
  3. Right click on it and select Send to
  4. Select Compressed (zipped) folder
  5. If archive will beless than 10MB and you have permission you can upload directly to forum. If not than use Dropbox/Google Drive/Onedrive/etc and post link to it.

Like this?

Yes, this is it.

It looks like you have the stairs highlighted in that earlier image, and they’re associated with another building. I had that happen once in multiplayer, I accidentally clicked on a friend’s building to see how he was doing, then I went back to my building and built stairs in it. Then my building couldn’t actually be built because the stairs were part of his building (but inside mine).

If that’s the case you’d have just solved my biggest dilemma