Building a house

While building a house just got the following problem:

  1. Setting up the 1st floor (ground)
  2. building walls around…
  3. wanna set another wall in the house to get 2 rooms…
  4. ingame crashing => multiple engine Errors, ui Errors…
  5. after reloading game or deleting the house the wall just stand there and couldn´t be removed anyway

anyone got same issues?



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had the same problem… mine though is they leave the windows and door unfinished even if i have the complete ingredients… ^^

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got some more issues with building a house :smiley:
can sell Windows from already builded houses…
but can´t set new Windows in the wholes which were left there :frowning:

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same as mine… thats the big problem… but on A10.5 that doesnt happen… hoping for a hotfix

If your carpenter crafts again more doors and windows, do they place them then?

We never could do this (except with the slab tool, I think, and other methods which involved making holes to leave space for the scaffolding). I’m not sure if you can do it at the moment… But the errors are definitely not nice at all :disappointed_relieved:

if the carpenter craft more, the won´t replace them… got abaout 20 holes :smiley: and about 80+ Windows xD
they just laying in my storage :frowning:

ok have to see how i can fix the issue with getting a second room :wink:

Hey everyone, send us screenshots, pics, anything you can of your incomplete houses, so we can repro the problem and try to fix it. :slight_smile: If you can reproduce the problem in a brand new world, send us the save and we’ll see what we can do.

There are so many possible permutations of builds for houses that we know we haven’t thought of everything.


Ok, next time i´ll have this issue i´ll send it to you :smile:
problem here… my incompatible saves are all deleted :confused: and yeah haven´t got it until now in the new world ^^

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You can go in the console and do the destroy command to get rid of it. :grinning:

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