Build Paths need fixing

I’d like to report a couple of pathing bugs the first is where builders were deconstructing a house and ended up going on a path that left them stranded in mid air. Please refer to image below.

Also with mining there is no way for them to dig themselves out I would suggest 1 thing allow them to build a wooden ladder to climb out of mines. or dig their way out.

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Hey there @admiral_razer, welcome to the Discourse! Thanks for the report. @not_owen_wilson is working on building related improvements, so this is a good thing for him to know.

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:smiley: thanks for the prompt reply @jomaxro looking forward to seeing this game polish up. so far so good am enjoying it alot. keep up the great work guys!

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Makes me giggle everytiem.

@admiral_razer, just in case if your building gets stuck and you want it built nonetheless, select the building, press Ctrl+C to open the console, type in ib and press enter: the building will instantly build c:

Thank you Moai that is very handy! much appreciated.

EDIT: LOL tried it didn’t work.

EDIT: It worked I just didnt select the building -_-;

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