[Con] [180] Workers/miners getting stuck in mountain

Type of Bug: Pathfinding?

Repeatable: Yes (2x)

Brief Description: When mining into the side of a mountain (grey block terrain), workers will occasionally become stuck above the digging area. While the event has not yet been witnessed initially, this can result in starvation since they are stuck. First time it was not noticed until starving messages popped up. Second time, after sending a rescue crew in to dig out the area that the carpenter had gotten stuck in, the carpenter teleported to the surface of the mountaintop and then had to be rescued with a ladder crew.

Further testing no doubt needed to see how this actually happens.

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I’m not sure how it happened but I also had a worker get stuck in a mountain and they died. I couldn’t even see them. I’m not sure if they were mining or not.

I forgot about this one! Happened to me in my last game (build 2081) where people entering my cave would teleport up onto the mountain.

I think this is related to an older bug from when mining was first introduced. I can’t seem to find the thread for that, though.


and perhaps somewhat related to this bug,


maybe? mine were not sitting at a table, though. it was just one guy that i presume was carrying some rocks. it could be a collision thing, though.

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i understand that, however i just meant that perhaps this is one bug and not separate bugs for each thing.

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Yes, perhaps it’s the same bug. Although @evilben had the bad luck to get the carpenter stuck, which is yet another bug.

hmm… i haven’t had this happen to me yet, what build are you using? also perhaps someone with more “knowledge” should look into this. (i know very little about the bug reporting :stuck_out_tongue: ) @SteveAdamo? @Relyss? im not sure who does this kinda stuff.

hey there @lordnightwinter … welcome aboard! :smile:

would you mind taking a screenshot of the bug (you likely cant upload an image yet, so just provide a link to where the image is hosted, like imgur.com)?

and any specific repro steps that lead up to it would be great too… thanks!

I know which bug is it. But I don’t remember in which report was. It’s search time! :runner:

Edit: this is the most similar one, and my last post here confirms @lordnightwinter’s report.

But it’s still a bit different because here the citizens teleport to another location, sometimes under the map, and what we experience is that they teleport some terrain levels above. :confused:


When you place a bench underground by the wall your people disappear after finishing their meal, sometimes during, and end up on the next level up. They come back down as they’re moving or sometimes when they’re done.

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this one is also similar, perhaps a merge?

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sorry i dont have more info on this one.
i was mining and my carpenter decided to go pick up some rocks because he had nothing else to do. i didnt have him on screen when it happened but somehow he teleported to the top of the mountain the mine was in and got stuck there. i built a ladder up to him but he would not take it down and eventually starved to death.
he did have a hunk of rock with him but he was not carrying it when i saw he was up there. (and if i remember correctly one of the other workers came and retrieved it when the ladder was built.

Perhaps a better merge would’ve been with:

Your call!

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Good call, @phector2004 !

Thank you very much :smile:


Hello there,

I’ve built a dining room inside the mountain (i.e. I’ve excavated a space inside the mountain to make a room) and I’ve put “tables for 2” and “cathedral arch chairs” inside it.
When a settler want to eat and sits here, he’s teleported directly on the mountain floor above it’s head and he’s stuck there until i build a ladder so he can climb down.

Can you give us more info?

Could it be related to this, perhaps?

Hello phector2004,

In my case, they’re not disappearing.
They still continue to eat but on the mountain floor, without the chair. Then they stand up and they are stuck on the moutain floor until i build a ladder so they can climb down.

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I assumed the bug was actually revealed to be teleporting the hearthlings to some sort of origin coordinate point on the map. Was there two different bugs associated with disappearing while eating?

Yup. And this one might belong here:

As I stated at the end of this topic :arrow_heading_down: ,

I experienced once this bug. And it was due to what @K4j says. So it’s still present for A9 r240…