[Con] Citizens Dissappear when eating at a table

I just noticed this bug but it seems whenever they sit to eat at a table, they dissappear for however long it takes to eat. Then they reappear usually on top of the table. Don’t know if this is something that should be called out or not because they seem to go right back to what they were doing…just sort of freaked me out when i saw it XD

Citizen just dissappeared

Hes back!

Uploaded a save for your guys convience! :smiley:


I can confirm this. It is also happening to me. r156

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hey there @Zithin … welcome aboard! :smile:

thanks for the report and the save attachments… loving the trend you guys are starting… :+1:

and thanks for the confirmation @chimeforest… [tagged]


I can confirm this too (r156). Although to me it seems to only occur with INDOOR dining (seems same situation with OP). Changing your viewing angle can sometimes make the citizens reappear, however they don’t look like they are eating.

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Yes. That’s what happened for me too. Setting up outdoors eating was fine. But when I built the Dining Hall and they went to eat in there, they started disappearing when they sat down.

I can as well confirm this, it happened to me when playing Stonehearth and they just disappeared and I was like “What?” and “Should i report that?” an so on.

It’s kind of funny, they sit somewhere in the sky outside the map.

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Really? Maybe a co-ordinate issue then…

Yeah thats could it be. I get the same bug with the doubledoor. It spawns somwehere in the air and the doorleafs dissapear.

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I was suspecting that, too. When something disappears, it could be that was rendered in another coordinate…

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Since r156 i have been trying out the basic buildings as you sent them out just to see what they were like etc. the dinning hall as it stands the citizens that eat in the hall vanish for the duration of them eating lunch not sure whats going on. they show up again after they finish there food.

Going to eat food

While eating food

After Eating they just sort of pop out the door


Seen already:

Paging @SteveAdamo or someone for a merger…

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Confirmed it is still happening in r162. If you zoom out, you can often see a random patch in the distance where the fog of war has lifted. The citizens are showing up underground at that location

I had a scenario where they were showing up on the very edge of the map. I could actually see the citizens underground performing the eating animations.


That’s good to know. Thank you very much for the follow-up :smile: !!

Can confirm this, took some screenshots earlier:

The empty dining hall…

Zoom out and you find this clearing in the fog of war.

Hearthlings feasting under the mountain!


I’m a little curious here, are you guys running the latest version of the game? Because I believe I am but my menu bar is different than yours.

Latest version is 0.1.0 r162, which looks like the version in the screenshot.


So as I was playing my game, everything is going well, when all of a sudden it said that Lee Ember has died. I am very confused as there is nothing going on around my village, so I click on the popup and it brings me to the other side of the map! There is a gravestone (RIP Lee Ember) and about 5 goblins standing around him. So I restarted my game trying to figure out how he got over there, and there he is, eating on the ground, all the way across the map. I hope he was enjoying his berries because the goblins returned and slaughtered him. There is absolutely NO way he could get there without me building ladders and all such. So I load a previous save and watch him… it gets time for him to eat and he walks into the dining hall and vanishes. I pause the game and go to where I had previously found him but he wasn’t there, That is when i noticed this…
The little guy is eating underground… so I found out where they have all been eating all this time… This is my village in comparison to where he is…

Well, we knew there was some sort of issue with settlers and teleporting during lunchtime, but this

I call witchcraft.


Yeah I think they are plotting against me… We’ll see who calls the town alarm the next time the goblins show up hah