Must Sit To Eat?

I get it, from a coding standpoint, hearthling is hungry, hearthling gets food, hearthlings searches for optimal place to eat.

What I was trying, it doesn’t work, was creating a satellite build so to speak. IE building a building out in the middle of nowhere, so … I setup a collection spot, moved a crate of food out there, did some mining and started building. Even stood a guard out there.

So the hearthlings were all doing cute little hearthling things … then … it was time to eat, so they grabbed the food i provided, and proceeded to march 1/2 way across the earth just to sit down to eat.

idk what the solution is … sure, I could place a bunch of chairs … but that seems somewhat tedious.

of course the alternative means they are less happy … but … maybe you guys can think of something that makes sense all around?

also worth noting, the guard ignored the food that was like 5 tiles away … probably would have starved himself? idk for sure … when the others went to eat, i let him go heat :smiley:

maybe a temporary construction zone with a limit in size of 2x # of hearthlings where they do everything they can to stay there if possible, and dont lose happiness if they are there?

hey there @azmundai,

from what i understand hearthlings prioritize sitting in a chair to eat over sitting on the ground to eat, which as you said, can be a pain if the chairs are a long ways away from where they’re working.

one thing that perhaps could be done, is if TR added a distance limit to this, so hearthlings prioritize sitting in a chair to eat, but only if the chair is within 30 blocks of them…

that depends, if you had the guard/hold position flag command set, the footmen will not move until the order is removed, even if it means starving. if you didnt have that command issued to them then that sounds like a bug…


ya … im really just offering suggestions


and … maybe a guard should be able to patrol for at least 2-3 tiles or something, and eat food if its within 2-3 tiles … for example. simple concept :smiley: … not saying its simple to implement … just … seems like a decent idea =p

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