Plates and cutlery

Right now even if the hearthlings go to a table to eat, most of the food seems to just sit in their lap. I think I saw a plate with some of the food, can’t recall clearly.

Point of the story, I think the preference for sitting at a table should be a preference based on INT and job assigned. Also that sitting at a table should be calculated as production decrease in the AI.

This is where things get complicated, I’m going to vaguely hit upon a couple things. I’ll extrapolate if anyone cares.
If food is scarce, the farmers will prefer to eat in the field to get jobs done. If food is much in abundance they’ll go out of their way to eat at a table or sheltered table.

Farmers, care less about needing to eat at table.
Craftsmen, prefer and seek out tables, go hungry for longer without tables.
Workmen, don’t care for tables.

The idea is that the better the job, the more “high and mighty” the hearthling feels. They would prefer to grumble longer work slower or travel farther to eat in a nicer place. This is a thing in life… so badly is this a thing.

Why bother…

Why bother because this forces you to cater to the higher tiers/classes, adds a bit of depth to it all.

There is a twist to this but most of you have called “SQUIRREL!” by now and lost concentration. Congrats on reading this in full!



love the suggestion, perhaps something that could be done when the “ownership” gets implemented…

also, absolutely love that second last sentence :laughing: