[AI Behavior] Eat immediately when starving

My latest settlement died out making their way from the farm to the dining hall, my suggestion is adding a check to see if they are starving and if they are to make them eat where they picked up the food instead of dying in the name of civilized eating.


What distances do you have between your farm and dining area? I forgot hearthlings half a week in a mine without a ladder and could save them with a cleric. They don’t die so fast that the time to walk to a chair should make a difference.

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About 30 blocks, but that wouldn’t have been an issue for another problem I’ve posted a suggestion about, the item storage limit halting farming, I’ve suggested an auto-trash as it’s not particularly easy to trash specific items when you store it all in crates. Sadly a single cleric couldn’t keep up with 16 other hearthlings dropping dead while starving himself, if the farmers had done their job instead of hauling loot too this also would have been solved quick enough (I only got around this by stopping all of them from hauling entirely).

The sorage limit of towns can be bothersom but with 16 heartlings you should have a capacity of around 2000 items. Should be enough space to sore some food too. And at the time of 16 heartlings you could have a carpenter or potter with a lvl to craft trader stalls to sell items.

You would think so but no, I was mining massive tunnel systems to get ores, built up way more stone than expected (hence the auto-trash suggestion) and hadn’t seen a proper trader in days. I’m not trying to discuss gameplay tactics here, it’s the fact that they shouldn’t have hunted down a chair to sit in when they were starving, they should have just eaten where they could find a empty spot on the ground to sit.

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Okay, that’s understandable. Tragic that they starved on the way to eat but that should be a one in a million situation. Could be implemented, but shouldn’t be necessary.

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Just craft the stones into stone piles, it will shrink the space used by 18 times, as each pile uses 18 stones. You can later craft those back to stone by harvesting it. Or sell it all, it is not like you will run out of stones… You can also summon a trader anytime with a trader stall to sell any excess you have.


Again, no buy/sell trader in days so selling obviously wasn’t an option, and no carpenter that could craft a stall yet, was only level 5. Crafting into piles would probably have worked, but the mason was the first to start starving, the only alert I had to notice the lack of food was the mason being on low health. I’ve ditched storing anything inside storage items or buildings now, it’s more trouble than it’s worth considering the lack of ways to keep an eye on storage without having to open a menu and scroll through it.

People, while youvare right that this probably was unnessessary death, I still think OP’s suggestion is good. If someone is starving he/she doesn’t bother with a table. So I think they shoot eat right in the spit too.


I should probably add that this really is more of a quality of life suggestion where this can come up through various extreme circumstances, not just in my particular circumstance. There’s also the fact we shouldn’t be forced to place eating areas and farms right next to each other to cope with the derplings survival in extreme circumstances.

I noticed this as well, I had a hearthling stuck over a wall without a ladder. so I build the ladder, while slowly watching his hp get lower and lower :cold_sweat: and instead of going to eat immediately, even tho this hearthling only had 6 hp and would die regardless because I noticed too late, he begins working :scream: as I watch him go to 1 hp and then poof :sob: food was only 10 feet away

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I couldn’t see that my hearthling was stuck so of course she was starving and I got the low on heath notification. I teleported her next to food. She then walked all the way to the beds and laid down and died instead of eating.

Good suggestion! Hearthlings that are starving will now sit on the ground and eat instead of wasting valuable time finding a chair. Look for the change in the next unstable release.


Hi, I just teleported a trapped and starving hearthling to my food stockpile and he unfortunately decided he had to go to bed to die there :rolling_eyes:

I think we need some emergency rations pack each hearthling can equip :stuck_out_tongue: or earlier notification of starving :slight_smile:

Everything else in the last build works better as far as I can tell (building including stairs and mining including Manuel mine stairs up)