Beginner needs help - eat

My little darlings just do not want to eat. I make the most beautiful dishes and in the diary I read that they are starving. What can I do?

Do you have a stocking area and or containers to put your food in?
Are they accessible?

Yes I have a restaurant with boxes for food and also a nice restaurant garden with food boxes.

Do you only read that in the Diary, or is it actually happening? Are your Hearthlings losing health or is your cleric running around like crazy, healing everybody?
If you’re boxes are accesseble for your hearthlings and you have at least a farmer (I imagine you have one, because you said you made dishes) there shouldn’t be any problem at all.
If this keeps happening, maybe uploading a savefile would help solving the problem.

I see them go out to eat, they are also healthy and cheerful, but in the diary there are many times there is no food.

I suppose it is a bug then, and you can just ignore it. I mean everything’s alright, isn’t it?

But if you really want to investigate further, maybe some data would be nice. How many farmers, cooks, fields, trapper and what dishes you make. But that’s really just if you want to speculate more.