Rescue is not always working since the hearthling often dies from starvation

I know I’ve posted in other threads about this and so have others, but perhaps it hasn’t been noticed yet.

However, after being rescued, the hearthling does not get out of bed to go eat while recovering. Due to this, they die of starvation while lying in bed.

It is quite discouraging.

I do think that a military hearthling runs out of bed when summoned to battle and so gets healed by clerics and such and doesn’t starve in my experience. But any others have no chance.

Please fix this soon, or at least respond that something is being done.

hum I have somewhat forced a few Hearthlings to ‘die’ and never had this problem yet myself, ill have to keep an eye out

Yeah, it had just happened a second time before I posted this. :slight_smile:

One of my hearthlings had gotten stuck on a ledge (I have NO idea how the heck he got there, by the way) and was well on the way to starvation when I finally found him. He made it almost back to the dining hall, but keeled over. He was taken right away to his bed, but didn’t survive. Once his heart turned red, he still wouldn’t get out of bed and just lay there and starved.

Oh, another idea to fix this: have the hearthling go get food as soon as their heart turns red, but then go back to bed for more care.

So that is at least 3 ways to prevent this from happening, please?

Do clerics only heal “Military” Hearthlings? That seems kinda dumb, it’d make sense for them to Prioritize healing the Fighters, but if they’re not in battle to go around healing anyone else who is injured.

no they will heal anyone that is nearby but they seem to focus on military units .
they healed a starving hearthliung that got trapped on some clay piles

This is an edge case caused because the hearthling was starving at the moment he died.
When hearthlings are recuperating (blue heart) their hunger and sleepiness are frozen, but when they start to recover health they return to work as normal, so starvation starts to take effect, reducing the health.

If your herbalist doesn’t have anything to heal faster (heavy bandages), it’s likely that the hearthling will starve again.
Will ask the devs to see which way they want to fix this.


Hearthlings won’t get out of bed to eat if they’re resting to be healed.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. have hungry hearthling
  2. get them injured
  3. ???
  4. death!

Expected Results:
hearthling will get out of bed to eat then return to bed to be healed.
Actual Results:
hearthling remains in bed while being healed by an herbalist until they die of starvation
this wastes many materials for healing
have not tested to see if fully healing will get them out of bed
Version Number and Mods in use:
release-696 (x64) no mods
System Information:

Same problem here. I have a hearthling wounded and in bed, but starving. I can’t get her up again, she just falls back incapatiated after a short time, then i have to pick her up again. I would expect her to grab something to eat as well, or maybe get fed by another hearthling.

When a hearthling dies of starvation, the game gives you a rescue option, you take it and then the hearthling gets put into bed and is given a health boost because of having bandages used on them.
But because the hearthling is starving they are losing health over time not gaining.
I ran out of bandages and then he died again.

The hearthlings don’t feed the injured hearthling, which is just dumb.

TBH I just want my carpenters saw back, I need to finish a building that won’t get done without it.
Can we have an option to just let the hearthling die, I have now been without a carpenter for 2-3 days.

I have this issue but I just get around it by using the “teleport” command (CTRL + C, to get the console) Only to get around this bug (and other situations) I teleport them near a cleric then they get healed and wake up… Its a silly work around for now but it works. :slight_smile:

console commands aren’t allowed, they wouldn’t be allowed in a multiplayer game so that doesn’t count :smiley:

If you don’t rescue him, he will eventually die (when the black heart above hs head becomes completely empty).

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i have a similar one, my hearthling fainted in battle, the others toke him to a bed, he heals but never wake up, them he starves to death again, i needed to let him die so i could end his comma (misery)

yeah but what if i need an item they are carrying right now, I’d rather not wait half a day for them to slowly die, why can’t I put them out of there misery?

Hmm I think if you use debug tools and destroy the hearthling he will drop what was in his backpack.
In any case, there’s a fix for the next build so that starving hearthlings won’t fall in a loop.


are all the raids getting buffed to compensate hearthlings not dying?

Might be worth thinking about another change to this new mechanic: if a Hearthling goes down, he will drop all stuff from his backpack (either immediately or once he is placed in a bed). This can circumvent the issue @Freedom had.

Suggestion accepted by the team :wink:
Not sure when it will be implemented, but it’s filed.


I would still prefer it if I could just choose they die, I mean you could have the case where they have terrible stats and if they actually died then you would have 1 less haerthling so the requirements for the daily update would be less so you would get a new hearthling but if they “lived” were in rescue state, then the requirements would be more than what you have so you don’t get a new hearthling.

Since rescuing is not automatic, you could just leave the hearthlings to their fate. They will die if no one rescues them.

You monster.

Yeap, this is a good idea. It won’t make it into this release, but I’ll push to have it included in the next one.