Clerics Killing Hearthlings

Its not exactly that but.

First off the clerics never go to their def except for a couple of times. Next they are way slower but thats not the important part. When ever a hearthlings becomes incapacitated I ask for them to be rescued quickly so they don’t die the first responders are my soldiers who pick the hearthling up but because their AI runs to the cleric (EVEN IF THEY ARE AT FULL HEALTH) and the rescue icon is removed off the hearthling. I try to rescue again and again but the soldiers pick them up then run to the cleric and drop them and their rescue icon. This has caused so many deaths. I don’t know if this is a feature or bug but it gets really annoying.


They shouldn’t run back to the clerics unless the clerics still have a squad order incomplete, such as a attack point not yet reached by the cleric(because they were busy healing) whist the rest already reached the location before

The solution would be to remove all previouse squad orders, if not, make sure other Hearthlings(workers) get to them instead of the soldiers by placing a move command far enough that the workers get tasked for it first

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CLICKBAIT! :jubilant: haha well i have lost a few heartlings aswell, but the system is quite new. What i have observed is that if any other combatgroups is not engaged in battle they will come and rescue the injured heartling during the battle, carrying them back to safety rather than to the clerics in combat? But no matter what, it shouldent be so heartlings wont get rescued…

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