Incomplete rescue

I had a huge massacre and I had many unconscious I click rescue on all of them and Hearthlings come to get them but then they drop them part of the way home so I have to click rescue again.
Steps to reproduce:

Expected Results:
complete the rescue instead of dropping them to do something else or not haveing to click rescue again and a different Hearthling will come get the unconscious Heartling that was being rescued but had to be dropped.
Actual Results:
Heartlings not completing the rescue and just dropping them and forgetting about them.


Version Number and Mods in use:
System Information:

I don’t think it’s a bug. It’s just there are actions which habe a higjer priority or are handled first. So your hearthling is dropped and the task is killed until you click rescue again.
I had the same issue and wondered a bit about the cold hearted behaviour.

Have you clerics I believe the clerics save the

No if they drop to ground the clerics can’t heal them until they are in a bed

With me it is so when which lie on the ground then come the foot soldiers and bring the injured to the bed and the clerics heal the then

You erm, have been massacred. Idk, but I’d put it to a master move by the AI… Check mate style. The reason everything went south is that they all died and for some reason, either the game glitched or else they are really hated people

Happened once to me - Try reloading a save, there is not anything else to be done i fear.