Having to click rescue multiple times

ill click rescue wand watch a hearthing pick up the one i tole to them to rescue then pu them right back down in the same spot voiding my rescue order wtf people rescue him not pick him up then leave him to die

and sometimes the animation completes a bed but the healthbars stay grey … aggravating @jomaxro @Relyss @sdee and anyone else on the radiant please help

If he’s on the bed, the heart should fix itself once he recovers a little health or is treated by a healer, it’s just a display issue. If it doesn’t, please upload the savefile.

In which cases are you seeing the rescuer dropping the incapacitated hearthling / what does the rescuer do after he drops him?

If they suddenly have something else that is of a high priority, they’ll drop him and you’ll have to issue the rescue order again, which is bad, we know. There are cases that work as intended, for example, if they’re being attacked, and their health drops too much, they’ll drop him. But there might be a priority issue somewhere else.

I think there was also an issue on load, that if they were on their way to the bed when you load, they’ll drop him. But I’m not sure if it was fixed or if it was different depending on the rescuer (combat unit or not).

right after a battle a millitary will rescue then drop then return to the patrol route

1487698744423.zip (6.4 MB)
heres a save with an incapacitated hearthing ive already placed the rescue order wow i cant type today and also take a look at why aren undploying the vault way too the east

Hmm couldn’t reproduce it, the combat unit that rescued the mason didn’t drop her, and I loaded the savefile several times. :glum:

The vaults can’t be undeployed because you don’t have a stockpile that accepts furniture. Add that filter to one of your stockpiles and the hearthlings will eventually pick them up to place them on the building.

if it starts happening again ill send a fresh save file

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