Rescue all option

How about a way rescue all Hearthlings without haveing to find them and click the rescue button on each Hearthling.
or perhaps a list of the unconscious in the notification and it doesn’t go away until there are no more unconscious Hearthlings.


In my opinion, the rescue hearthlings already makes hard mode rather easy to play because of the lack of permadeath. Allowing you to click a one-time ‘rescue all’ button would make it almost comical to play.

I am sorry if that sounds condescending, because that is not my intention. They made the rescue feature to give you more of a connection to your hearthlings, and a one-time rescue all button would simply remove that.


I think hearthlings should be rescued by soldiers by default if there is no fight currently happening. The player shouldn’t have to give the order, if the injured hearthling is within visual range of any of your citizens.

as some have said, this would be a really good thing to have the herbalist or a new class of medic for this specific role.

As for hard mode, you could lower the amount of health, increase the speed of health decay, or remove the rescue option completely.

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