Possible bug with rescuing hearthlings

My town was attacked by kobolds/wolves and I had a few hearthlings outside my town while my fighters were walking around the farms so it took a few seconds for my defense to arrive. Two of my hearthlings were knocked out on the bridge leading into town (it’s on an island). After combat no one went to retrieve the two.

I tried to turn off different settings in the hearthling therapist panel, and sent my patrol to their location as well with different tasks turned off. They were not rescued, and they both died shortly after. They were both close to all of my constructed buildings and others passed them multiple times.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have hearthlings die (on a constructed bridge perhaps?)
  2. No one rescues them

Expected Results:
Hearthlings rescued and healed

Actual Results:
Death by apathy?


Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 21 release-703 x64 no mods

System Information:
Intel® Core™ i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40 GHz 16GB ram Windows 10 64 bit

Wait. In the picture there’s no rescue toast above them.
It can happen that someone fails to rescue them, and I’m investigating it.

Did you reissue the rescue several times?

Edit: yup, they could rescue a hearthling on top of a bridge.

Wait disregard this I think. I reloaded the save and tried again to rescue them and it worked. Not sure why they weren’t getting rescued earlier

I’ve seen it happen once, that the rescuer would immediately drop the hearthling, and that removes the toast.
However, it’s very hard to repro. I wouldn’t say it can’t happen.

I noticed that if the hearthling that rescues the injured, is feared by a attacking “monster” they will drop the injured hearthling and reset the (toast?) cross icon. So with enemies still around you need to keep a close eye on the situation or you might loose the hearthling.

for me i see a archer trying to rescuit, take the guy and then drop it to go combat… :stuck_out_tongue:
i have this one too :
guy come to rescuit, take the guy, drop it and go in fear (near monster… )

for all this i have to click again on rescuit button.

They should lock all their options, like fighting or working, when carrying someone, so they don’t lose focus, and also a boost in courage while carrying to avoid getting scared and dropping the other guy.


@BrunoSupremo Agreed, as long as direct damage still causes the rescuing hearthling to run away, even if they do drop the injured hearthling to do so.