Weird rescue bug

i found a weird bug. when i temy hearthling to rescue someone it put him on ground (sometimes it works) but some of them after playing an rescue animation they still have grey heart


This is a very annoying bug, the developers are aware of it and working on it.

Here are some search results on the matter from the discourse where you can read more about it:

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thanks, i restarted game and rescue works again

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Actually this one should be fixed for A23, they no longer lose the rescue order if they get dropped mid-way. :thinking:

This, however:

sounds like a different bug. Although it might be just the toast not refreshing soon enough. Which hopefully will also get fixed for next build after some refactoring we’re doing. :slightly_smiling_face:


No, they don’t regenerate. i can still give an order to rescue them

Were they interrupted while the animation was being played?
If they fall in the bed but need to be rescued, it might glitch badly.

We’ve seen reports of very odd situations with rescuing, and it’s difficult to repro :confused:

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no, animation was not iterrupted. only animation that was interupted was hauling animation. i was getting rekt by goblin maruders.

yeah I have this happen to me earlier today where I had to give the order about 5 times. I think it may be related to using speed 3 as well because the hearthling was literally dropped right in front of his bed like twice before the animation finally kicked in and everything was well.

im always playing in 1x speed. i like to watch them work

yeah I thought the fight was over, I fast forward hauling