Clerics healing wounded Hearthlings instead of the ones that are alive

While there is a fallen nearby Hearthling, the cleric will continuously heal him instead of nearby low, alive Hearthlings
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Be in combat
  2. Have 1 fallen Hearthling
  3. Cleric will keep healing him instead of others
    Expected Results:
    Cleric should heal the ones that are alive
    Actual Results:
    Hes healing the fallen ones while the others are left without a healer
    Makes the battles, especially late game, impossible once one hearthling gets wounded
    As you can see the cleric keeps healing the wounded hearthling instead of the the knight right next to him
    Version Number and Mods in use:
    Alpha 20, Ballista and tree trump mod
    System Information:

I have also noticed they will heal the civilians who are running away from the fight in preference to the active fight. Even to the point where the Cleric runs after the fleeing civilian to heal him taking him away from the fight.


Hmm while in combat. Thanks for reporting this, @Xeinon!
Workaround: save and reload.


Yea I just restarted the game to give you the correct savefile and noticed that the cleric is now healing properly, so it was just a matter of restarting the game it seems.

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Could it possibly be the observer not working correctly with wounded Hearthlings?

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The thing is I tested this and it works correctly if they’re not in combat. So I’m not sure what’s going on.

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It’s possible that restarting the save also forces a refresh on the Cleric’s heal priority mechanics.

I’m getting this too. Had a huge amount of orcs coming to attack my town and my two clerics healing a downed footman made my entire eleven-man defence force get completely wiped out. A priority system for cleric healing would improve combat greatly.

This could be something like: Combat Units> Clerics themselves (but gain higher priority when on severely low health) > Hearthlings> Downed Units (Though downed units could not be on the heal list at all considering it uses a different system to health).

In further detail the Combat Unit priority could be: Knights> Footmen> Archers> Clerics (but again gaining priority the lower their health).

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