My healers won't heal my injured hearthlings -Fixed-

My footman won’t lay down to be healed by an herbalist/cleric and my cleric won’t heal him, even in combat. Theses are wounds that are major enough for him to say that they are mild in the menu
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get a footman and herbalist/cleric
  2. Footman must be injured mildly

Expected Results:
The footman should’ve laid down to wait to be healed or heal faster. If a cleric present, for her to heal him as he took damage in combat
Actual Results:
Did nothing, continued to patrol and go about life.


Version Number and Mods in use:
release 696
System Information:

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hey there @Fencin_Penguin, welcome to the discourse :smile:

hmm… how much health are the footmen missing? and/or could you provide a picture? i’m pretty sure there is a certain percentage (more than one “slice” out of the heart) of damage they’ll take before laying down or getting medical attention from the herbalist.

that being said, if clerics also aren’t healing, then something’s definitely going wrong…

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I had a similar issue with the Clerics preferring to punch the Orks with their books rather than heal, I just restarted the game and that fixed the issue…? might help might not you never know :slight_smile:

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My guess would be that you didn’t have any tonics or band-aids, the Cleric cannot heal a Hearthling via the spell if he/she is in the bed for treatment, they can use healing items on them, but you need them crafted by a herbolist, and if there’s no items around they’ll just patroll since they can’t do anything anout it

This is why i have a dedicated herbolist to keep crafting bands and tonics

Actually I think they can with their proximity ability. They can’t actively cast a spell, but a higher level cleric can heal a bedridden hearthling simply by being near them. They can also treat injuries with tonics and bandages like the herbalist.

Same exact thing happened to me. My footmen would lie down to get treatment, get up to get food, and then wouldn’t go back to the bed to get treatment despite being seriously injured.

Right, my cleric isn’t healing neither. You guys can see there is a knight with only half of her HP, however my cleric ran pass her and started attacking monsters… It scared me.

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Good things is the healing aura still works, same may appies for muscle aura(Not tested yet, but I guess it’s still there), but there is no active direct healing. My cleric is now a moving buff totem with attack capacity which is slightly better than none.

This is a bug with the clerics not healing sometimes.

Also, for the hearthlings to go to a bed to be treated with bandages / tonics, they need to be below 50% health.

That’s not true. Hearthlings that stay in bed can only be healed by using bandages / tonics (and their own health regeneration).

Oh really? I thought I’d seen it happen before…

Sometimes a cleric will bring potions or bandages to a bedridden hearthling, but they don’t use their healing abilities. Once I had 2 clerics and my herbalist all bringing stuff to heal an injured friend. It was kinda funny - instant, complete health.

I think the cleric bug has been fixed. Thanks, Relyss for clearing up why my footmen weren’t going for bed rest.

Also, for the hearthlings to go to a bed to be treated with bandages / tonics, they need to be below 50% health.

@Relyss is there any reason why hearthlings with, say 75% health, who just wander around in a bad mood, cannot be healed by a herbalist (unless they are somehow on staggered sleep schedules and the herbalist gets to the hearthling before they wake up, of course). It seems like an awful long time for someone to just wander around with an ailment and can lead to issues in hard mode if you’re early game and your herbalist can only use the healing tonic or coarse bandages that do not heal a great amount, though certainly enough to allow the hearthling to get out of bed. It just makes the start of my game a little bit more hazardous when I have a couple level 1-2 footmen running around with 70% health trying to repel attacks. :forlorn:

That’s very true which is why it bothered me in the first place. Though it does add in a bit of extra difficulty in the game, even in normal mode. So conflicted I’m on this