Herbalist isn't Healing?

So i’ve realized that my Hearthlings aren’t being healed by the Herbalist. i have a Footman that is low on health, empty beds, health pots available and the Herbalist isn’t doing anything. What’s going on, am i missing something?

There is a timer between healing, so if your soldier has a “buff” with a bandaid icon, it means it already received treatment in the last hours and need to wait before the next.
You can also check if the job task is checked for your herbalist.
And besides all that, make sure they can access the potions and beds.

That all aside, he will only heal those below 50% health.

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The herbalist also will only heal someone recuperating in a bed. If your footman is walking around, only a cleric or time will heal it.

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Thanks for all the help! He wasn’t below 50%. Did they change that? i swear i remember them healing at higher hp.