Herbalist, Potions/Healing and Bandages

So I did a quick check and didn’t see any thread that quite answered my questions. They all revolve around the herbalist and the new(ish) healing mechanics.

  1. Does the Hebalist use the potions or bandages on Hearthlings, or do your hurt Hearthlings use these items themselves?
  2. Do you need a Herbalist to make use of healing items you pick up as loot?
  3. Is there any way to tell a Hearthling ‘if you drop to x health, go get healed!’ ?

Thank in advance for any advice!


I had to go quite some time back, but I’d like to refer to the Desktop Tuesday about the herbalist: DT: Healing!

  1. Yes, the herbalist is the person using those items*
  2. Also yes, as the herbalist uses them
  3. Any hearthling below full HP will seek out a bed and lay down there. This will also trigger the herbalist to visit that hearthling and use some healing items on them, to speed up the process.

(Some things might have changed in the meantime, but if so, I’m sure some better informed people like @8BitCrab will jump to the rescue. :smiley: )

*) This of course only applies to the actual healing items, like bandages. The buff-items (currently Courage, Strength and Willpower, I’m still hoping for a Speed boost some time soon) are manually activated by the player and are then active for all your hearthlings.


No, there is currently no way to specify the amount of lost health needed to necessitate healing.

I think they begin to seek out beds around 3/4 health, but I’m not sure.

Yes please.


One thing that I suspect is occurring but that I haven’t tested:

It seems like hearthlings injured by starvation preferentially go to beds, rather than to food, now. So they don’t eat, so they keep taking damage . . . .


Thanks for the info! I had been watching for the Herbalist to take action but hadn’t really seen it; apparently I had just not been looking at the right time!


Who needs food, we have healers! :wink: