I still havent figured out how bandages is used.
Do the herbalist go and use them on my heartlings when im not looking or something?

A thing i been thinking about since i havent seen how its used is. Is it possible to give it to your soldiers so they can heal themself out in the field.
Before you get the Cleric. Its kinda harder to heal. And if you could give them a bandage, they could use it themself. To atleast partly heal themself.

Also. Potions that they could maybe take with them. Or if you could assign potions so heartlings could go and use it themself.
I usually make alot of them, but dont really use them, cause idk when is a good time.
I really want them to go and use the potions themself when they can/want to use it.
Maybe they can have an little inventory/Belt for potions they can carry for when they need it.
Then they can just pop it when needed. Though needing to go and restock after. But still. Would be neat.

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Well… yes :sweat_smile:

The herbalist is the only one that can craft potions and bandages (although you can also get them as a drop from monsters).

When a hearthling is below 50% health, he will go to rest on a bed, and it’s then when the herbalist will automatically pick a bandage and use it on the injured hearthling. It will add a debuff on the hearthling, so until 5h later the herbalist can’t treat him again.

I see.
But what do you think about my suggestion with the potions?

I really like the suggestion, but I also don’t think that the game is smart enough yet to be able to handle that kind of logic.

I find i don’t end up making the big potions because i’d make them and then never use them. I never seem to need them.

You’re saying exactly why i want the heartlings to use it themself.
And i think it could work in that the system have some checks for scenarios where it could be usefull to pop the type of potion they might be carrying.
There is pathfinding checks. This will just be checks for if specific scenarios makes a potion usefull.

I like the potion idea. But i think only fighting classes should be able to do so.
For exemple:
The fighter can take 2 health potions
The tank takes 1 blue potion and 1 red potion
The cleric/archer takes 1 health potion and 1 green potion
An options inside the hearthlings info screen where you can set 2 types of potion they should carry with them when possible.

Than you make them take the buffs the moment they get into compat and the health potions are used when they start to flee the battle. Note red/green/blue/orange potions are no longer global.
This way you have to stock up on potions and you don’t need to remember using the potions.

The normal heartlings can use the Caurage potions when enemies are close. To actually run away, instead of just flaining and running around stupidly. Dying.