Herbalist First Aid

Overall, I think that when Footmen and other Hearthlings have to be under 1/2 health to be healed by an Herbalist by them going to bed, I think that’s rather silly.

  1. Because it makes quite a lot of tonics/bandages unused.
  2. It can cause them to get depressed easier than before.
  3. They’d be more suseptible to another attack that could leave a fatal blow the next day.

To remedy this, I think Herbalists should find and halt Hearthlings that need healing like the Cleric does, but uses the bandages/tonics instead. However instead of INSTANTLY healing, it slowly restores that amount. That way along with the medicine status effect where they can’t get too many in one sitting, it’ll make it not so overpowered/make the Cleric not as useful.


Yes ı suffer from this medics too much. When a soldier hurts ve will lay on bed and waits medic. This is so slow metodu to heal a warrior. Maybe there was a medic areas just like stocpiles. By the way the medics can earn exp more easly.

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I have a vision of the Herbalist collecting wounded soldiers behind them like the shepherd does and bringing them back to the healing station to top off their health. :merry:

I worry constantly that my soldiers aren’t ready for the next attack when they have just barely above half health. I know the cleric is the easy way to top off their health, but I still feel that if the herbalist has time, they should heal my patrols. I don’t want them running into the fray to chase down my soldiers. Perhaps though you could have a “Go to the Herbalist” button where Hearthlings take themselves which would be much like the “rescue” button for a fallen Hearthling. Perhaps @Brackhar could weigh in on this?

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Yeah, the current behavior pattern is suboptimal. My current thought is to add a “Rest until healed” command, but I’ve not thought a lot yet about where that would go in the UI.


I agree, mainly because at the course of three days almost a quarter of my warehouse is just bandages and healing balms

Mere resting is going to take them out of the game in case of attack for too long. What if something happens to the herbalist or they just go to sleep or eat? I’d prefer a treat and go back to patrol that doesn’t confine them to a bed until they’re fully healed.

The trick is to balance the fantasy that an herbalist is a trained professional that you need to treat your dudes. As a random idea, maybe we could shift the most basic bandages to be usable by anyone to treat wounded individuals, but you need an herbalist to use the higher level medicines. That way having a stockpile of bandages would be useful for those edge cases where your herbalist gets wounded.


I’m fine with it being only the Herbalist doing it. I just don’t want to sit there chewing my nails while the herbalist stops for a snack then goes to sleep before they heal my soldier and pauses for a conversation about the weather with someone else. Night-time is when the spooky things come out and you can have multiple attacks during a day on Hard. As long as it’s not “Rest until fully healed” things should be fine for the most part.


Hey I’ve been having this too for a while and I was wondering if it’s ever going to be fixed? I have a hole lot of potions and stuff and my hearthling is sad because he’s hurt… But I can’t do anything to “manually make de herbalist heal him”…