Healing and Hospitals

  • This suggestion is a follow-up to a bug report post -> This post here

My suggestion here regards herbalists/clerics and buildings designed to treat wounded hearthlings.
The center point is the option to assign a bed as a medical / hospital bed. So despite the hearthling having an owned bed he/she will prioritize this specific bed(s) to use, not to sleep but to rest until healed. And when someone is using this healing beds both herbalist and cleric will get to that hearthling straight away.
And if the get to assign building to specific uses in the future, having an hospital option would be nice as well. A place that a wounded will hangout inside so the herbalist can apply the proper healing item without the need of a bed depending of the wound intensity.
To avoid some issue with like a footman abandoning combat because of a scratch, maybe place a condition to the hearthling being out of combat.


I like this idea a lot. Especially since it’s currently very hard to do any healing to mildly injured earthlings without a cleric. It would be great if Herbalists handed out potions to Hearthlings that are injured but still active instead of waiting till they’re near death.

If they do add a feature like this, they should introduce a general illness and disease mechanic. It would add a sense of realism if hearthlings got colds or got sick from eating rotten or dirty water (I’d also want them to introduce water mechanics at some point). After all, when you’re venturing out into the wilderness to establish a new settlement, you’re more likely to be killed by dysentery than by roving marauders or wild animals. So it makes sure a player doesn’t neglect having healers and medical facilities that are up for the challenge.

Pinging @Brackhar and @linda :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’d really like to re-examine how healing and health mechanics work as a whole in the game. Hospital-style beds are a good part of an answer, I think.


On the topic of herbalist improvements, I noticed that clerics can also use healing items, which in my opinion is kinda bad as it lowers even more the importance of the class and it also can make a worse healing process because it would be missing the healing bonus of level 3 herbalist.


That’s a good point. IMO I think it’s fine for the clerics to heal like the herbalists too because that way you can wait before needing to promote another herbalist, or you can even buy the potions and let your cleric heal them if anyone ever gets to rest on a bed because he couldn’t heal them on time. The herbalist also crafts some item for one of the tier monuments I think :thinking: