Specific beds for injure Hearthlings

I face this problem all the time. And I am really frustrated about it. When footman/archer/knight/or any hearthling get wounded or rescued they require medicine treatment from herbalist. And they lay down on “any bed”. Sometime the nearest one.

The herbalist’s workshop and a stockpile full of potion can be far way from that “any bed”, where the injure hearthling is laying down.

So herbalist needs to walk a long distance ----> cure the hearthling ----> come back again to his workshop/stockpile -----> take another potion ----> then again walk the long distance ----> cure the hearthling ----> come back again to his workshop/stockpile ----> again take another potion ----> going back to the injure hearthling again …

This goes on for several times and meanwhile the herbalist needs to sleep+eat for himself as well. So the process of curing a hearthling is a way more time consuming then regular.

Sometimes, there are injure hearthlings in each corners of the town and most of the time the herbalist is found walking …walking … and walking, causing delay in treatment, because the patients are so far away!!! So, I have come with a solution. There should be specific beds for injured/rescued hearthlings. Such as hospital beds.

I know it looks modern but I’m sure modders/Team rediant can make a medieval version of it. So whenever injured/rescued hearthlings needs to lay down for medical treatment their first choice will be lay down here. These special beds can be placed near the herbalist workshop so that hearthlings get their treatment fast.

My basic goal is to have a medieval hospital or a medicine house.

##So that all injured hearthlings stay under one roof.


YES! Being able to assign “rescue” beds would be a great feature!!! As far as design it doesn’t even need a unique model. I’d be fine with just giving us another color blanket…like the green blanket in @Allie concept art stream. I need that green blanket in my life!! :jubilant: Okay…had a moment…sorry. This is a great idea and we definitely need it!! …and green blankets


Yes i totally aree with you. This option can be really useful in city planning. But it’s not necessary to make a new bed. Adding a “hospital”-option in the assignee tab can be also helpful.


A nice idea and i think it could be modded

First create a medicine bed only craftable by the herbalist then
Use the find bed system (my bed or any bed) to have the injured look for a medicine bed first.

And then you’re ready for the hospital.


Great idea! I was thinking of something like this aswell :smiley: you could build a hospital/clinic and put the herbalist’s lab inside; that’s pretty awesome d;