Herbalists and Beds

Hi guys,

Just a quick question for @sdee or @stonehearth and/or anyone else on the dev team.

I looks from the DT video that wounded people will get into any bed to get better, and the herbalist will go to them. Is this the case? I think I would actually prefer is there were special hospital beds that you needed to make. That way you could set up an actual hospital that your wounded hearthlings would go to, rather than your Herbalist having to run back and forth all over town to take medicine to wounded people.

From an efficiency point of view, the herbalist running here and there isn’t ideal, but also - as I said - this is a town building game and I really want to be able to build a proper hospital where my Hearthliongs go to be healed, rather than just collapsing into any old bed.

Just a thought…?


i like the idea, and was actually thinking the same thing.

P.S. the user named “stonehearth” isnt actually anyone on the team…


P.S. the user named “stonehearth” isnt actually anyone on the team…

Oops, OK, I’ll bear that in mind :slightly_smiling:

Honestly, even if it was just a preference - i.e. wounded people will lie in any bed, but will always by preference lie in a special healers bed if one is available. That way, you could still have a hospital set up, and the healer would only heal people in those special beds, but once you get past the number he can attend to (based on his level) Hearthlings will instead lie in any bed and just slowly get better without assistance. If a hospital bed becomes available, then one of the wounded ones will get up and go to it.

Or something like that :slightly_smiling:


I’ll second the notion–I think I even brought that up in-steam, asking about eventually being able to define an “infirmary”…

However, unless there’s some sort of benefit system in the future involving nearby items/furniture (aka, an actual zone with equipment in it), I think designated beds would be enough for the Herbalist.


Definitely a good idea.

what if when we can define beds to specific hearthlings, we can also get check boxes like the crate that can also turn the bed off and on for healing or not, like a red cross mark or not?

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I would honestly love to be able to just define certain beds for certain hearthlings, it would make everything so much easier