Possible Hospital Idea?

I was thinking that there could be a zone reserved as hospital where you can put down beds and injured Hearthlings will automatically go to those beds to get healed by a herbalist. I think it would be a interesting idea and just want to share it and see everyone’s opinion.


Honestly I agree 100%

Maybe have a system sort of like rimworld where you can set a bed as either a medical, regular, or prison bed (except probably not prison, one would hope) I’ve usually just been setting my militia’s beds close to where my herbalist is set up, but its a little annoying when a regular citizen gets injured and my herbalist has to wander back and forth across nearly the entire city sometimes.


iow, function zones. which is current not in the engine at all. Would take some effort to put the framework in.

but yeah, it would be useful for a lot of things other than just hospital, by superimposing upon the “basic” functions of furnitures and other things if located in a zone.

I vote for it (or a system with equivalent function)!



Similar suggestion, good idea either way.


I Agree. Mabye even have it so that herbalist can be assigned to certain beds to heal.