Medical Beds Tagging

I suggest a way to Tag beds to be used as Medical Beds. So when one of your Hearths is hurt and someone comes and gets them, they will not use any beds available, they will lay the hearthling where u specify. (ie: Med bed in the herblist area) It would make the herblist job a lot easier then having to run to table make pots, or going to stock and getting pots; then running back and healing hurt hearth.


I completely agree with this. This would also enable the player to create dedicated clinics/hospital buildings containing the labelled beds and herbalist equipment as a way of expanding gameplay options.


the same thing has been done in rimworld and prison architect.

a medical bed within a new herbalist building would be nice.

Am I sensing another branch could be added to the current job tree for the herbalist?
Could require metal tools from the blacksmith, specialized furniture from the carpenter, potent tonics from the herbalist and ingredients from the farmer whose job is to rescue and treat seriously injured hearthlings and their pets.


In medieval times there were two broad medical specialities which were the physician and the surgeon (this is the reason modern medical degrees are called Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery) as they did different things. The physician dealt with a wide variety of more basic ailments such as cuts or diseases, while the surgeon covered the more advanced procedures involving serious injuries. One could not function without the other. I would also love to see an expanded medical tree adding more classes and gameplay options to the game.


As far as I can tell, the injured hearthling is taken to its assigned bed, not to just the closest one. I was watching closely once, since the injured hearthling was quite a ways away from town and I think the timer was almost up on it.

And I am assuming that everyone assigns beds ASAP to keep happiness high. :slight_smile:

@Golden This is indeed how the system works.

If critically injured and rescued, they’re taken to their own bed. If they just happen to be fairly hurt and decide to lay down on their own accord, there seems to be some randomness in which bed they choose to lay down on.

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I would love this, because it would let me make a clinic or hospital, instead of having a herbalist living in the barracks.

Agreed, perhaps after it has been tagged the texture changed to have a first aid “addition” symbol on it (if that is what you call it). Perhaps (if a patient is lying on it) the herbalist can heal them on the bed more effectively - but if that idea is put in place perhaps there could be different tiers of medical beds.

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Or just make a bed that receives preference for injured people call it a “sick bed” or something like that.

Yeah, I think there’s value around this. Once we have some time to revisit the bed ownership UI I’d like to try putting this concept in.