Herbalist V.S. Medic

Now that I have a bit more free time, I can express my opinion on the medic of the trello board and the herbalist of Wednesday’s stream.
First off, let me make this clear; they should definitely NOT be one and the same class. I think that the medic should be ‘midist of combat, immediate help and healing’ while the herbalist should be ‘over-time health regeneration boost and disease fighting.’ Let me go over everything.
Uses raw herbs and tonics to aid bedridden hearthlings. However, tonics shouldn’t heal instant health, they should heal a percentage of health over time instead. Also, herbs could be used for diseases (but not to a far extent) and to make tonics and balms, the herbalist would have to GROW THEIR OWN PLANTS, dry these plants, and then use them. Also, just for fun, the herbalist could also make tea on a kettle of some sort.
The medic wouldn’t craft anything, but perhaps a weaver could make his talisman/bandages. No, what the medic would do instead is run up to anyone calling him on the battle field. The medic would then proceed, if its a minor wound, apply some (harmful and/or helpful, after all, for a while battle field antiseptic actually killed white blood cells) antiseptic onto his wound, sew it shut, and then head back. If its a MAJOR wound (broken leg, chopped off arm, etc.) the medic will haul that person away (with help from another medic, if available) and then treat them away from the fight. If its a broken limb, then it will take days or even months to heal. (An appropriate debuff would signal this broken limb.) If its a chopped off arm, then the hearthling, depending on their military experience and willpower, could either fight out of absolute stubbornness, or simply become a commanding/teaching officer.


Your Idea with the Herbalist that he grows his own plants its good but for this he needs lots of finetuning ^^ … when the herbalist more plant then heals or the other way i could become a little stressfull -.-

for the medic perhaps when a buff exist (like your broken leg) and the health is under 20% he make first aid and then bring him in the camp where the herbalist can fix him.


Maybe the farmers could grow the herbs, and the herbalist would process them? Kind of like the weaver or cook or whatever? This sounds like a really good idea, its just that, I think, growing the plants would probably take up most of their time, rather than actually processing things and healing people, you know?


I like how it sounds, but a chopped leg or a broken arm sounds a little too gruesome for such an adorable game, imo.

like @sheepasaurusrex has said im fine with that the herbs will grow from farmers ^^

and for the chopped leg etc. just as buff (nothing visual xD) and a special little symbol over the hearth that this hearthling has an neg. fightbuff

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Though could you immagine the medic colelcting a hands that have fallen of during battle and running back with it for the herbalist to reattach? :slight_smile:

That would look freakishly awesome.



this game is too cute for that stuff, I’d have to agree with @gonzalandau here. Does make me think of rimworld though


I am sure that it can be done in a cute way, just taking a look at @voxel_pirate’s animation of a hearthling loosing a hand.

Loosing a hand does not necesarily need to look gory or anything. Having watched cartoons loosing body parts can easily look funny and/or cute.

even so, i dont think thats the style TR is going for, i mean, if they were going to have stuff like losing hands do you think they would have made the goblins just “poof” rather then falling over dead?


ok, ill admit, that is pretty adorable. Kind of reminds me of like the idle animations in that one rayman game for the ps2 i think? cant remember the name.

why does everything in this convo remind me of other games? if it because im supposed to be working on a project? maybe so, maybe so.

It was not meant as a very constant thing. Thats why I mentioned reataching the hand agian, it was more for showing the hearthling was hurt and for the medic/herbalist havign to do some running to cure the hurt ones.

Disposing of corpses on the other hand is not very cute.

Well, you see, the funny thing is, I just seem to really want stonehearth combat to be more realistic. That includes, of course, breaking and losing limbs, disease and lack of supplies killing many more men than actual combat, and so on.

Hmm… now that I think of it, putting golem and automaton arms on hearthlings could be cool…


I mean, i dont know, this might just be me, but im not sure limb loss really fits with the aesthetic the game has going on so far, giant cuthuloid monsters aside.Its a cool idea, but maybe it would work better as a mod or something?


it would work as a mod better. [quote=“thorbjorn42gbf, post:11, topic:18417”]
they would have made the goblins just “poof” rather then falling over dead?
agrreing with the statement above but also knowing that [quote=“Sandwitch, post:12, topic:18417”]
Thats why I mentioned reataching the hand agian,
would add something on the table maybe just like the rabbits it will have to be modded also mods/fans do have more free thinking and time to acomplish one and only one goal if thier is a mod that held the worth value of a full relese in stoneharth it would just take a long time.
i just had a though how about thier is a progresion
herbalist ->medic -> doctor
Blinked - causes blindnes (harthling has a percentage of not doing his/her job)
Jonim - Loses stamina and speed

You’re still thinking of Rimworld here.

Yes. PLEASE. The Medic wuld be a great idea!