Herbalist usefulness after cleric gets added

Most of us got this in our heads at least once, that herbalist are at least now just a mix of a medic and alchemist that once you promote to cleric, would make other herbalists useless. And that he has nothing to do with herbs besides using them as ingredients.

What if he got more uses as a crafter, mostly related with plants? So instead of carpenter and potter crafting those potted plants, they would only do the pots, empty. Those then would be used as ingredient for all the potted plants, crafted by the herbalist.

This would make him (after cleric access) become more of a gardener.

What you guys think? Is that shifting too much their roles?


well one thing to remember is that while they’re both healing classes, one is actually a combat class, so your herbalists will automatically heal anyone who is injured and in a bed, but you will need to use the combat commands to get the cleric to go to the injured hearthlings.

but that being said, i think it would be a good idea for the herbalist to be the one who makes flower boxes.

i hope that makes sense…


Also Stephanie said on the stream about 30 minutes ago that the herbalist will be needed to heal hearthlings that have status effects like poison and other such negative effects that fighting zombies will induce.


The herbalist needs more to do generally even without the cleric. Other possibilities include harvesting crops (bit probably not planting), automatically harvesting wild plants, growing special decorative or useful plants that could be placed like furniture (man sized Venus flytraps!), being able to plant things that normally don’t grow in the biome (but at lower rate of growth than the farmer), being able to plant “wild” plants generally, being able to craft poison for weapons . . . hrm. Overall I’d like to see them overlap a bit more with the farmer.


Well, herbalist can heal people in bed. But with a cleric around at the fights, almost no one will be needing a bed after battles, and even if they need it, all the damage would be done in battle where the cleric already is, so while walking back to camp they will be healed.

With more crafting, he will not be idle so much. Something similar to what was done with the cooker. The cooker was most of the time idle cause you can simple maintain a few of each food easily. He would only work after meal times and soon was going idle again. Now he can help the farmer harvesting if nothing else is needed.

Besides the crafting items would be more organized between the crafters. All plant related decoration would be made with herbalist. Similar to each crafter doing their own signs using the basic sign as ingredient.