Herborist can create poisons

Hello all !
I’m new on this forum, so i don’t know if i can do that but :

I was just playing and i got an idea, what if the herborist can create poisons ? a new potion, it can be use by the hunter to create poisoned traps, or use by the weaver to create poisoned quiver ? The poisoned traps and poisoned arrows can be a good idea, no ?

Sorry for my english and my spelling mistake, i haven’t a very good level in english ^^’

Thank you for reading, leave a response if you are agree or disagree :slight_smile:


Right now ther herbalist is unused, besides training for clerics it has no other real purpose. He should be given recipes to make things the rest of the hearthlings can use in his daily tasks. He can craft Poisons as you mentioned, Dyes/Paints to make different coloured furniture, decotations and clothing, Spices for especial meals, And, if sicknesses or some sort of curses are implemented, Medicines. Also, if we can use poisons, why not the goblins? He should be able then to make Antidotes too. What do you think?

Have fun, Kyth.

PS: He could even make his very own deco/furniture. Ever heard of incese? He could make one burner for the rest of the hearthlings to place in their houses…


There’s this other thread regarding the issues of herbalists. Though it’s old, it still is very relevant, and there were so many great suggestions to make herbalist a much better class.

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