Herbalist crafting poison

So the herbalist can craft healing items, but why not also craft poisons that footmen, archers, and knights can use against there enemies. And maybe different types as well and not just damage over time, like maybe one that has a chance to paralyze or weaken enemies. Or something like this, just would like to have the herbalist to have more variety.


That could be an almost frightening change. Especially when enemies would get a similar treatment to counter that in some way. Whether immunity or effectiveness, if not using it themselves.

Wouldn’t mind it being a component of some kind that might have ammo use to limit use to what you can craft; which I am assuming it kind of the thing being suggested. I say component, as in the herbalist will make the poison, but for something like arrows; it would be crafted elsewhere to combine the two.

Unfortunately my addition to the idea could not do at this time due to lack of ammo in a sense. so maybe a on use type of thing, or grab and go with the single use/durability of it. Something like that. After all balancing, counterbalancing, and general notion of difficulty has to be considered. Since certain things could make it far too easy, or hard in the case of enemies using it…

Still a nice idea though. I think anyway.:slight_smile:


It would be nice to have a reason to keep an Herbalist, rather than promoting them immediately to a Cleric. I feel like once the Cleric was added to the game, the Herbalist became simply a stepping stone to the Cleric.

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I agree that it would be nice to have something exclusive to the herbalist, the way the more advanced trapper has a reason to have a trapper even after promoting a shepherd (…or often instead of one…)

It’s an interesting idea!
However, as @Tamorr observes, we’d have to consider balance here – any capability we give to hearthlings, we also give to enemies. (For example, we recently introduced “kiting” for ranged units (archers maintain distance from enemies; we gave this capability to both hearthling and enemy units.) This can create balance challenges; for example, if we introduced poison arrows, we’d give them to everyone – but does that mean we also have to consider having antidotes? There’s a lot to consider here, and it can get pretty complex.

So we’ll file this one away for now… but it could be fun – eventually.