Herbalist crafting Dyes/Paint

Many people have been talking about how the herbalist needs more to it since it’s kind of a stepping stone for clerics at the moment and even posted by own idea about crafting poisons. But after some thinking I thought of something else that would be something to that an herbalist can give us that I believe people would like. Dyes/Paint.

The herbalist would be able to turn plants into dyes that can be used to change the color of our hearthlings outfits and armor. Also to be able to change the color of decor so we can have red sheets for our comfy beds instead of blue or maybe paint the dresser black instead of the default brown.

Personally I tend to name my hearthlings after people I know and would love to customize the homes I build for them toward what they like, or dislike to annoy them.

So what do you guys think?


Or hair dye! Coloured carpets, colour padding for chairs, coloured beds!

I like it!


also a nice idea!

So many herbalist suggestions lately…

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