Herbalist Dyes and Enamels

Could the Herbalist and Tailor get a Collaborative Item in a later patch to get access to Dyes at, say, level 4? Same with Blacksmiths getting access to Enamels for Armours. Maybe one colour from each of the plants the Herbalists already use, just to make implementation / resource gathering easier. The different races could all have different colour choices to distinguish them, maybe with Rayya’s Children having a lot of browns and reds, while the Ascension gets greens. I think that this would maybe help distinguish important villagers, like maybe your best soldier, or your favourite characters or workers, as well as granting a Morale bonus.

Worker Uniform (Brown Dye), built at a Loom by a Tailor.
Requires Tailor Level 4, Herbalist Level 4.
Crafting materials: Worker Uniform, (Insert Plant Here)
Item effect: Same Bonus to Morale that house decorations give.

Bronze Plate (Red Enamel), built at an Anvil by a Blacksmith.
Requires Blacksmith Level 4, Herbalist Level 4.
Crafting materials: Bronze Plate, (Insert Plant Here)
Item effect: Same as above.