Cleric being able to craft potions

I feel that just because a Hearthling is promoted from herbalists to cleric should still be able to craft potions just like the cook can still farm. because if I want potions I will either have to demote my cleric or promote another Hearthling to herbalist to get potions.


I don’t see the problem in having both one cleric and one herbalist? Besides, your Cleric is always patrolling with your army, so he doesn’t have the time to craft potions.


I think there should be a way to fuse jobs or have 2 related jobs on 1 hearthling. Something like get herbalist and cleric at 6 and then you can become a like white mage that can do both things.


The issue comes that you need someone to make a heavy bandage for one of the town quest things. And if you’re some weirdo who likes to do them all then you end up having a Herbalist purely for that.

Once you have a cleric there’s pretty much no reason for a herbalist. Cleric will just sit there and heal them all to full health.


When they faint in battle, it is good to have an herbalist with the best bandages, else it takes a lot of time for them to get out of the bed.


I’m That weirdo that wants to make all 3 quest items

I’ve actually made a topic about this problem earlier: More usefull Herbalist with sickness and diseases

Let me know if you think my idea is a good solution! :smiley:

This is where I think the herbalist gains some value. Since your villagers go to bed when they’re hurt, your cleric doesn’t do any healing. I’m not sure if that’s intended by the devs or not. But if you have tonics and bandages on hand, both your cleric and herbalist take care of the injured.

@Kodi4444 I wouldn’t mind job fusing or allowing your high level herbalist/blacksmith/farmer/etc to keep the abilities as they promote. Though, you might get some interesting super soldiers doing an incredible amount of damage at end game if you only promote your level 6 footies to knights/archers.

I prefer classes being specific because it makes the game a lot more challenging. I also think that the classes are quite broad and don’t need to be narrowed down too much into separate classes.

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