Realistic Needs and Disease!

I feel that seeing the new class coming up, the herbalist, that we should have a system that gives bonuses to certain aspects of the game! Here’s the details that I would think would go well with the game.

The Herbalist is a good way of treating injuries, but what about illness? Illness, or disease, is a de-buff contracted by natural causes or combat between creatures! Like for example, the wolves! The wolves would contract a disease, the disease will grow from Rank 1 to Rank 5 in severity and each disease has a different way of curing it! The Rank of Severity also increases the effects, and when it hits Rank 6, the Hearthling dies from illness.

Another thing id like to add is buffs from eating and sleeping! For example, if we include a system that ranks the food cooked by the chef, 1*'s to 5*'s, it will give buffs depending on the rank of the food! Like if you feed your Hearthlings 5* food, they will be more active and their Max HP will be higher for a set amount of time! Also they will heal faster depending on the rank of the food. Sleeping on the other hand will apply buffs depending on the bed used. For example, the Mean Beds will apply a Debuff because its not at all compfy. It ranks from 1 - 4, 1st rank is Mean Bed, the next is the better version of the meanbed, then the fancy bed and the better version of the fancy bed! When you hit the 2nd rank it wont apply any buffs nor debuffs at all. So it applies a emphasis on making better beds for your hearthlings for better results instead of just crafting the Mean Beds!

I have no coding knowledge to make this a mod, but with the Herbalist introducing the Bed System, it would be nice to add a system ontop of that to make you want to make better beds for better results! :smiley:

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For the food and bed de/buff, it’s hard to add these.
Mean bed debuff : how are you supposed to do the first days ? The debuff will always be there because there’s no mean to get a comfy bed quickly.
Food buff : there’s a moment where you only produce “high rank” food thanks to your cooker(s). It’ll give you a permanent buff and that may be too easy then.

The global idea is not stupid at all. It is worth to dig down more and more :slightly_smiling:

Once I’ve finished my current mod, my next one was going to be a ‘Hardcore’ mode, to add to the current two modes. One of the features I had in mind was diseases if they are possible (also thought of it after seeing the herbalist), but the buff/debuff idea is interesting so might work on that too if possible.

As @Powerclank said though, having a debuff on items you have no option but to use is difficult to do due to the lack of choice. I guess there could be alternate recipes for things like the mean bed that require less materials at the cost of a debuff but I’ve never struggled with materials really so I doubt people would worry about the tradeoff.

Might be fair to just have debuffs for a lack of beds or furniture for eating at too, maybe making them 10% slower after they sleep on the floor due to the rough sleep.

There is already a debuff for sleeping on the floor :wink:

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True. True. But I mean there can be no debuff for sleeping on non-comfy beds, but when you get to comfy beds it will give you buffs. And when I was thinking about this I was thinking of Hardcore mods like you @Neronix17 . These additions will make the game more challenging and would make you be more vigilant of your hearthlings conditions to get the best out of them :smiley:

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Again, having buffs with the comfy beds will be so powerful…
Then if you really want those, we can start thinking about a hard mode, but there will be more than de/buffs :smile:

You could make it a bit harder to get the comfy beds, or even try and add a cool down effect if at all possible. Or maybe it won’t be that good of a buff.

Or, we can add a new bar called Happiness! You can make your hearthlings happy with good beds and good food. And when your hearthlings are very happy they work harder and faster, and when they are not happy they wont work much or even refuse to work!

Thats a great idea! because if they have diseases they would be unhappy affecting their work rate!

I’m thinking of some diseases that could leave them completely stuck in bed until healed, with some of them being fatal and others possibly healing on their own but taking longer than with treatment.

That’s exactly what I had in mind <3