Changing Healing System (Herbalist)

Atm the Herbalist produces tonics and bandages and heals your hearthlings with those.

My suggestion is that the Herbalist can produce different kind of healing tonics like the bandages, which will heal a different amount.
Each hearthling will be able to carry a potion as equiptment and she or he will use it when they have lost health.
Using a potion will trigger a debuff, which will prevent the abusing of potions.
Bandages heal way more but only the herbalist can use them on your hearthlings.

Only an example don’t take the numbers too seriously:
small healing potion heals 10 points
medium healing porion heals 20 points
large healing portion heals 30 points
master healing porion heals 50 points

small bandage heals 30 points
medium bandage heals 50 points
large bandage heals 70 points
master bandage heals 100 points

Bandages are ment for heal your hearthlings while potions are only there to keep them alive.

The undead healing debuff could also affect the healing potion.


i disagree on the scalation of items, simply because hearthstone is about farming and after a while ppl will stop using old items or just skip lowlevel content.
Example, i personally never crafted leather or bronze tools, because i already have gathered iron and even steel, ofcourse i have to level up my smith but that’s just a matter of time and enough of grindable material (stuff i have to craft but simply don’t need in such quantity)…

So i suggest a complex system of wounds/injuries, diseases and health, a lil bit like fallout with the radiation and the elder scrolls series, with equivalent potions, tonics and other medical items.
Different types of wounds will debuff your maximum health and other stats like movement speed, the amount of items a character can carry. To heal wounds, they need to be treated by the herbalist, which will take time and will cost bandages and maybe additional (special?) food.
Diseases will spread by enemies or simply A huge amounts of hearthlings and animals/pets. Every disease needs a different potion/tonic (no omnipotent solution), will take out the hearthling completely, so they have to spend time in a special bed and the herbalist has to take care of them till they’re cured or even pass away.
Additionaly we could add items to prevent illness among your village, herbalist could grow/collect herbs, hold bees to make honey (food, met), wax (candles) and royal jelly (medical ingredients), herbs could be used as ingredient in tonics and as some kind of incense sticks.
So we could introduce more tasks for the herbalist, merge apiarist class and a more immersive life among the village.

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Thanks for the feedback. We’re trying to avoid systems where you need to allocate scarce resources to your hearlthings to avoid introducing too much micro (deciding on who has potions and who doesn’t) or heart-ache (when the footmen without a potion gets ganged up on first).

We have another system planned for out-of-town healing coming in an Alpha or 2 (knock on wood…)


So would be Hauler/supporter class, which functions like mobile stockpile or just as the nearest source of supply, be it medical or foody, a good solution or just the right way to think? I just want to ask whether the community is suggesting and thinking in the right direstion…

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