A21 - Herbalist Only Heals A Heartling Once

Summary: On of my soldiers got hurt badly. The soldier goes to the bed, the herbalist applies a small potion, which cures little damage. But then, the herbalist doesn’t want to apply another potion anymore. The herbalist keeps doing his crafting and collecting stuff.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Soldier gets hurt and goes to bed.
  2. Herbalist will apply potion (craft more potions if none)
  3. Potions heals soldier partially

Expected Results:
The herbalist keeps applying potions till the soldier is better.

Actual Results:
The Herbalist doesn’t want to heal the soldier anymore.

Hard Mode
The Ascendency
Dessert biome


Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 21 - Raya’s Children

System Information:

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Is this even a bug? It was the same for me for as long as I remember. It have bothered me a bit, but I didn’t give it much thought.

Thx for reading :smile:

I have skipped A20 and gone from A19 to A21 and in A19 they keep applying them.

Can’t say for A20.

The Hearthlings that are in bed can’t be repidly healed via items since they enter the ‘treated’ state for a pretty long duration after taking one medical item, it means the medicine is taking its time to take effect, better items like the heigh level bandaids heal much faster of-course

The systen of meds taking time to heal has been here from about… A17?
Or A18/19, it’s when hearthlings got the incapacitated state instead of dying instantly


Yeah, we changed it so that you can’t simply force potions endless down a hearthling’s throat and heal them to full. All healing items have a cooldown when used for treating a hearthling now, which in turn creates more value around crafting the higher level healing items. You can check the time remaining by clicking on the downed hearthling and looking at the buff on them.


I noticed that even though I have some better healing items, my herbalist chose the healing potion, which is the weakest item. The soldier was a little below 50% and ended up with just a little more than 50% health.

It would be better if they used the strongest healing item, instead of a random one.


Yeah, that’s definitely a bug if true. @Relyss can you look into this and, if you can repro it, log it in our backlog?


Done! :slight_smile:

I believe they never prioritized better items, but I agree that it would be better if they did.


I’ve been having issues to this too. One thing you can do is save the game and reload it. The herbalist will heal the hurt heathling again but only once until you save and reload again. So, a painful workaround.

Um, this wasn’t a bug, as it was on purpose that the hearthlings could only be healed once. But I think YOU just found an actual bug there :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought it was that healing had a cooldown. After the cooldown, they could be healed again. I waited for the cooldown to end, then reloaded the game and the herbalist would apply another healing item.

Ah, ok. You just didn’t say that originally. That makes more sense!

Hm, so do you mean the Herbalist wouldn’t heal them even after the cooldown was finished?

Are you sure you waited long enough for the herbalist to reach them? (Or to craft the item if it wasn’t there yet?)

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