Get Your Prioritys Straight You Silly Hearthlings

im thinking this is a bug now.

I have 2 problems that seem new to this Alpha:

ive noticed as of this newest patch/alpha that heartlings seem to jump a bit more randomly if there are more then one wounded Hearthling.

it would be nice to be able to either ‘force’ them to heal a certain Hearthling or that the focus of healing order would be people in any combat role.

the best example I could use would be I had all my Hearthlings injured to some degree. my herbalist seemed to bounce back and fourth form Hearthling to Hearthling healing them but the 5 or so tonics I had did not go to the footman.
it would make sense that your fighters should be the first to be healed since they are the ones that are both defending and are injured the most

ive also seen a footman stop combat to try to pickup a nearby item that was on the ground only to drop it, take a few swings then pick back up and drop it again before taking a few more swings at a monster

ive also noticed this issue with when they become hungry

@Fralee did this just start occurring after yesterday’s patch, or is this an issue with A18? There should have been no changes other than a crash fix in yesterdays release - and a crash related fix wouldn’t have touched the Herbalist.

I noticed this over the weekend. I ment to post this before when I noticed it:sweat:

Do you know which specific patch you were on when you first noticed this?

I think it was 656 that was the one that hit steam on the 15th

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Hmm, that doesn’t have anything to do with Herbalists either…I’m not sure here.

ill mess around a bit more to see if I can recreate this

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I think it’s just random?

I had multiple fighters(footmen, knights ect) injured at once and the herbolist just seems to go for any one of them regardless of the injuriies degree

It would be nice to just have them heal fighters fist regardless of others and set priority to the degree of injury

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We can always add one more herbalist to the team.

And I say this cause I just discovered I had this mentality that one of each job is enough. Luckily a few ogres teach me that having multiples (fighters) is a good thing. I’m already thinking in getting also a new carpenter, as my guy is not keeping up with the city demand, there is always a list of things to do that he never finishes :smile:

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I normally do but when your starting you cant really afford 2 .

I watched for about an in game day my herbalist give my footman one tonic then stand at the bed beside there without doing anything else

changed this to a bug report since im seeing another issue that is related to the prioritys

ive been noticing this on all Hearthlings
farmers hauling and moving things while many fields rot because they are not harvesting