Injured footman not going to bed to get healed

so i started a new town and im on deepmun day 8 already and have had to fend off a few hoards of wood(the forest fights back) had a 2 pack of wolves spawn near my camp i didnt like where they were as they were very close to the ladder where my hearthings go up to do some mining (im terraforming the land atm ) so i told my footman to fight them he wins and is down to half hp ok gg you won now go get healed … um dude go heal… NOPE DECIDES TO RETURN TO PATROL … facepalm
checks for an available bed check
checks to see if the hearthing is busy hes not check

so wh7y are you not laying down im afraid to allow him to go back into combat again being on this low amount of health show here halp pwease

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that’s similar to an issue im having with the priorities of Hearthlings. foot me are not sleeping to get healed, herbalists not healing wounded people ( and not focusing on combat personal )

also seen a Hearthling run back and fourth because it was hungry or there was an item it wanted to pick up

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this is some weird stuff going on im watching the code calls and from what im seeing in the code tree my hearthing thinks hes not injured even though he clearly is

ive noticed . when hes not laying down to be healed or your herb Hearthling is not healing is an issue
watched my one footman dance between hitting something 1-2 times turning around running to pick an item up then dropping it only to run back to attack the same thing 1-2 times and repeat again was rather anoying

@Fralee would you mind uploading your save so i can check the code calls

it appears another combat fixed this he finally decided to lay down

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