The floor is better then a bed!

im not sure how to really reproduce this but i have noticed this more with people in the combat roll. they will finish fighting and i will make them run back to town beside some beds and they will go to sleep on the floor even with beds 2 feet away from them…

its a bit annoying but since they are better workers after sleeping on a bed why can they not take 2 more steps to use a bed? ( i have seen this even with 25 beds and 12 Hearthlings so they don’t have an excuse)


Allegedly if they drop to the floor is because they’re completely exhausted, they don’t have enough energy / time to get to the bed. Combat roles are the most active in town, they’re always patrolling, running and fighting so I guess they’re more likely to fall. However this could be bad if they need to get treatment from the Herbalist (if Cleric is not present yet). :thinking:


The combat in my screenshot happened right next to a house. My footman just lay there instead of using the bed that was close to him. It is very annoying, Especially if they get the groggy debuff because of it.

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but if combat roles are more draining they would have more stamina meaning they should be able to make it back to a bed…

I have seen then doze off in the place they fought but I can force them to run back to the village using the commands . even placing the marker in the middle of a house or a pplot with more then enught beds they will still take the floor. they would need to do is to crawl into the bed but they would rather chose the nice comfy ground rather then the hard uncomfortable bed :confounded:

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If a fight takes place while the soldier would normally sleep, he will aoutomatically sleep wherever he is, once there are no combat orders anymore. Just the way it is.

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I’ve just had my entire town decide to take a nap on the pavement despite 20 odd fine comfy beds just metres away.

I think that there should be a mechanic that states that if they are tired and there is a free bed, they have to sleep in it rather than the floor. Because who wants to look like a homeless person sleeping on the street?

All normal hearthlings will do that. If they don’t go sleep in a bed, that’s a bug.

I believe that’s actually wrong. When I last played the code was along the lines of this: When any Hearthling thinks they’re too tired to walk to a bed, they will immediately collapse on the ground. So it’s intentional behavior.

The problem here is that a lot of Hearthlings search and get close to a bed while still not tired, then recalculate, decide they’re too tired, and give up.

I think once a Hearthling’s decided to find a bed they should be totally committed to it, within reason.

Also, perhaps combat should give an “adrenaline boost” afterwards, giving our tired soldiers the burst of energy and alertness they need to walk back to town.


Hm… i have never seen non-soldiers sleep on the ground, if beds were available. And soldiers, i always force them to go back to town before they can sleep (green arrow move command blocks sleeping)

that’s actually a good idea a bit of a boost would be a good idea to get them back home and into a bed

I have seen this with more then just combat units now they will walk to a bed as if ’ im getting tired so ill get some sleep’ then they stop a few feet fomr the bed yawn and doze off in the dirt but this is a lot less common. ive noticed this more when I have told them to work on just their job ( mason and carpenter jobs) and they finish the job que

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