[Con] [A10 r2380] Units sleep during combat

im calling this a bug but i guess it is more of an AI issue. my town was being attacked by zombies (on the first night, brutal!) so i quickly promoted a footman to fight them off. it was going well until the footman noticed the bed nearby and decided to take a nap instead. like, she was swinging her sword one second and dozing the next! i had to promote another footman to finish them off. do you think you can make it so footmen dont sleep if they are currently fighting?

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@Tom noticed this exact same thing during a recent stream… it was a standard villager though, and had to force her into battle using the town call button… I’m sure the issue is on his running to-do list now… :wink:

ahh, cool. the call to arms button wasn’t loud enough to rouse my footman, i guess she had had a rough day!