No Sleep For Me!

Unsure how I produced this bug but as you can see he cannot get any sleep… poor guy!! Also this is in first speed mode. I will upload the save here in a bit.

Post: After five times he gave up and ate some food! Maybe he was just unsure what he wanted to do!

He finally slept


I’ve seen similar things happen with farmers. they dance a bit between planting/tilling

can’t spell anymore tonight :confounded:

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He just wants to get to Brooklyn.

NO SLEEP!!! Till Brooklyn

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He eat to much carrot poor footman ^-^

Can confirm I’ve seen this too. Reported it before as well. When it happens, their current activity in the job assignment UI oscillates like that too.

That said, I haven’t seen this myself for a few weeks now. What version of the game are you running, and is it 32 or 64 bit?

Edit: Also – does this persist if you save and reload from your save?

Edit: Here is my original report of this behavior: Footman Promotion and Medical Attention Bugs

Can confirm this in Release-523 (x64). Tried getting pictures of it earlier…but a little hard. It’s quite random, as to who it effects and when, and happens regardless of save / reload.

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He doesn’t seem to be injured enough to require medical attention…did you happen to take a look at the Citizen’s UI to see what is said he was doing?

At half a heart, I’ve seen them go get medical attention, so perhaps he’s right on the cusp of needing the herbalist and that’s why he’s flapping? I’m not sure how that code works (if hp = 50% or less, etc). But yes, I think knowing what the AI is fighting over (as seen in the Citizen’s UI) would be useful.

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