[NaB] Sleeping bug (or they just really love the ground)

Title: Sleeping bug

Summary: When your citizen/setler is doing a job and gets sleepy he will either drop his work and fall asleep on the floor or finish the job and fall asleep on the floor. This will happen even if there is a bed free, dont know if this is a alpha feature :smiley: but my citizens are spamming groggy messages at me whenever i give them a big task like cutting down half a forest so i can make fences.

Steps to reproduce:
1)Assign a big workload for your citizens to finish.
2)watch them get tired.
3)Look at them falling asleep on the floor even if they just built there own bed :grin:.

Expected Results:
That they sleep in their beds after they finish a job

Actual Results:
Too tired to walk/think, i’ll just lie down here with that nice dirt pillow

I couldn’t find a thread like this one if it is sorry moderators for the extra work of closing this one down :wink:.


Versions and Mods:
Alpha 1
No mods (yet)

System Information:
Windows 7
Intel Core i5
AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series

It’s not really a bug, assignment of beds is still buggy, and they can fall asleep on the ground if they’re exhausted->that’s a feature. Thanks anyway for reporting.