Workers Dancing in Bed!

Title: So if your workers get in bed, they have a little spin :slight_smile:

Summary: So basically night-time came and all my guys got sleepy and headed to bed. When they climbed in, they all did a 180 spin to then be lying at the wrong end of the bed! I don’t know whether it had something to do with the direction of the bed, but I know they chose to point southward toward the edge of the map, if that’s of any use?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make beds
  2. Wait until night
  3. Watch your settlers as they get into bed

Expected Results: They just get in, and fact the right way.

Actual Results: They span in their bed to be lying the wrong-way-round.

Notes: Final bug report of the day :blush: maybe, I have one bug that I suspect but need to go and confirm before posting


Didn’t get a good screenie of it happening, but it did, I swear! :no_mouth: but you can see here that they’re pointing the wrong way. :blush:

Versions and Mods: Alpha 3 Latest Release, no mods

System Information:

  • Acer Aspire E1-571
  • i5-3230M 2.6GHz
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • 4 GB RAM
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Oh, so this is it?
This happened to me since always, and I always thought it was because of my lame laptop… Because it happens in slow motion, starting with the settler laying on the ground when he/she fell asleep and then jumping horizontally to the bed and all this while doing the spin…

I think the slow motion improved with time, so now it’s not that much annoying.

My laptop isn’t the greatest but I believe I had standard frame rate beholding it, and it was rather an amusing sight :slight_smile:

We should make a video, then :laughing:

I thought about that but then realised I have no recording software, else I would just have the 6 of them all spinning around at once with some edited in rave lights and Hard Dance over the top :grin:

This happens to me to!They will do anything they were doing in bed before they went to rest.Like mining or chopping.