[Con] Sleeping Arrangements

Oh god, hopefully this won’t bite me in the ass again, but here goes! [I searched, believe me!]

Either way, I was wondering about how the workers arrange themselves in beds when they go to sleep. Here is a picture of what I mean, and I’ll illustrate my point a bit more with words after you’ve taken a gander at the picture.

So what we see here is a girl sleeping in the bed, peacefully as ever. What strikes me as odd (and has a few times I’ve played) is how she’s oriented the wrong way. At least in my books. The lower beds serve as a comparison point.

Either way, what we see is two distinct sides to the bed: 1) backboard, which here is oriented towards the upper-left corner and the 2) bottom which is facing the bottom-right corner. How she’s sleeping, is essentially with her head in the bottom of the bed, and her feet on the backboard.

Is this normal, or am I taking crazy pills here?! I’d imagine the head should be against, or near, the backboard and her feet towards the bottom. As things are, she’s should be reoriented by 180 degrees.


Apparently they all sleep facing the same way, so if the beds are rotated, they will still sleep pointing in a set direction regardless. I think.

Me too.
I thought about it was a little strange position…

Oh, wonder how I haven’t noticed anything like that? Maybe I just place my beds the same way every time, without thinking about it. Worth a note next time I play!

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for a moment, i thought you were experiencing the sideways sleepers (looks like that bug was dealt with fairly early on though)… this however… yeah, i dont know if i would call it so much a bug, as a recommended “behavior modification”…

and one i would agree with… :wink:

Yeah, I remember the sideways sleepers! Wasn’t really the case this time!

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When the units go to bed they sometimes sleep the wrong way.
This happens after the game starts to lag due to: too many units in the town, mining too much, building too much floor (same thing as mining too much), or something similar.

After this lag starts the more weird stuff happens, like units with “jobs” not working and just standing around.

This is the latest version alpha version:

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