[Dev Blog] - More on Sleep Implementation, Now with Beds!



i’ll just share my thoughts here as well… :smile:

So if something … Unfortunate … happens to one of your citizens …

Here’s looking at you @SteveAdamo you sick degenerate. LET YOUR PEOPLE SLEEP STEVE.


i dont know why im doing this… :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“SteveAdamo”]if a unit lays claim to a bed, do they have to “expire” before another unit can access it, or might their claim expire in a 24 hour period, regardless?

if not, and that unit is out, say, exploring… will his or her bed remain “assigned” to him until he eventually dies?[/quote]

edit: yeah for beds by the way! :sleeping: :zzz:

Wonder if he thought of the way Cube World does sleeping or not…

How does cube world handle sleeping?

I would love to see some kind of random sleep animation. Letting the sleeper go between random poses (random rotations of body parts). Only problem is that it might look too realistic. :smile:


…That villager…is me… O_O

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First? Awesome! :slight_smile: I love it when the world feels alive, and people sleeping in beds at night helps that alot! Even blockeople :o

I did have alittle idea when i read this tho:

Add bum’s / hobo’s / homeless people …
one in a x amount of npc’s could refuse to work. then you they would walk around anoying everybody and asking for things. Also you could have them sleep in other peoples beds! This way you would have a extra level of imersion and depth, Perhaps the richer / better you do with your empire, the more bums you get? Or if you dont put people to work in a long time they become homeles? Anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You could have locks on doors to prevent it or something but then this would be more related to thievery and criminality, and thats outside this idea’s scope, however its a good thing to keep in mind.

your character approaches a camp sight/sleeping roll, and when you activate it, the character plops face down on the roll, so you dont see his/her face… :smile:

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I should know this … I have played Cube World, and slept … had a bit of a moment there!

while this would be funny to see, theres a fine line between units not doing what they are supposed to do, and units being annoying, or appearing broken… :wink:

if you arent watching all units at all times, having one unit not able to sleep because some other unit decided to be a jerk and sleep in his bed might make the player think something is wrong with the sleep system… “hey! i assigned that bed to Bob! wth?”

True, but then again, i would expect hobo’s to look the kind :wink: then it would be painfully obvious, especially if you cant order them around because they will refuse your order and stay put under the tree/bridge eating something.

edit: And it would be good to do it only if a unit is away for a longer amount of time, say hunting. You could see it as a sort of squatting / squatter.