[r156]Citizens Do not use beds!

Started a new town to hopefully avoid my old buggy one, however My citizens are not using the beds, and they are sleeping on the ground or even right next to the bed!

Went ahead and uploaded the save file to this game as well :smile:

Confirmed in my two hours played after the latest Steam unstable update. The good news, however is that my citizens worked harder than I’ve ever seen them. For poops and giggles I placed seven different building templates down and I was happily surprised to see the workers finish one building after another until they were all fully constructed and furnished. So it seems you have fully eliminated that bug, anyway. :smiley:

Do they use comfortable beds though? If they do, I’m guessing that the game’s been coded such that mean beds don’t provide any benefit over sleeping on the ground from the POV of the hearthlings, so they just sleep wherever, then wake up with the speed debuff.

I can confirm this bug too. Happened very frequently as the game goes on. My beds have all been upgraded to comfy bed so I don’t think it’s related to the quality of the bed. It may be somewhat related to pathfinding… some citizens make it to the bed, others don’t; varies from day to day. It seems that if they are “too far away” (although still in the town) they are much more likely to give up trying to look for a bed.