Citizen's AI not using verity and ridicules Gripes

Imgur is down will post pictures when back up.

I notice my citizens talking about sleeping with no bed WHEN I HAVE 6 FREAKING SHARED SLEEPING QUARTERS, and 23 citizens.

also they gripe about eating the same thing every day (same citizens at times) which is obnoxious when I have a huge field of farms. This gets obnoxious and i’m trying to keep my happiness up.

i believe you are at the “discourse trust level” to be able to post pictures directly to the discourse.


6 FREAKEN SHARD QUARTERS = how many bed? if your actually talking about 6 beds to share then your going to have problems. Also plant variety of stuff planted + having trappers bring in some jerky to help with citizen complaining food variety.

there are 4 beds in each “shared sleeping quarters”, so thats 24 beds in total.

Does having more house affect happiness or more “material” placed? Seems like I have easier time advancing when I actually limit 2 max per house.

It’s ridicules, we need to improve the npc ai right away.

well in Alpha 12 the pathfinder will be upgraded. which might help with this problem. also, have you checked to see whther they actually aren’t sleeping in the beds? the journal can be buggy (hence the reason they complain about food)

I see them sleeping on the ground NEXT to the SQ

s there for some reason a problem thats not allowing them to enter the sq?

This could be a bug with with the current build, though after some cursory testing I cannot replicate it. I build a house and put a bed inside and they sleep in it. So, a couple of questions.

How many hearthlings do you have when you experience this issue?

Do they stand around doing nothing all the time, or do they work normally all day?

If you place the beds outside of a building, do they sleep on them then?

Hopefully, the pictures will answer most of these questions, but just in case. :slight_smile:

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did you build the “shared sleeping quarters”? as those are the ones that @Larendunj had built, and they wont sleep in.

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I didnt test that particular building template, no. I just used a pre-existing hut template I had been using to test some other things that had a bed placed inside of it already. I can test it later to see if this is an issue with that template in particular.