Worker keeps sleeping

I’m just playing the game normally and well one of my workers just seemed to bug out. Trilla Nonac (In the screenshot) just keeps sleeping on the floor, wakes up, then goes back to sleep. I tried changing her job to Farmer and she still went to sleep when there was work to be done (soil to be tilled). I also tried to changing her job to Footman and she still went back to sleep and didn’t patrol. Both times she picked up the tool but went back to sleep right after.

I can’t seem to post my screenshot but I’ll do it once I’m able to.

hey there @Rosenthal … welcome aboard! :smile:

feel free to post an image to imgur and i’ll embed it directly for you… thanks! :+1:

[edit] This is for 2193 x64
I thought I had already posted this bug, but I can’t find it. I’ll let Steve or Geoffers throw it where it belongs

Sometimes a Hearthling will just keep getting stuck in a sleeping cycle. Changing jobs or reloading don’t seem to help. They’ll wake up, then go back to sleep. I’m not certain what triggers it. Here’s the screenshot. Poor girl:

I recall something similar as well, but my first pass didnt find any matches… anyone else? :smile:

cant also find no acitve topic ^^ but c++ issue looks similiar …

@Averest you are sure she doesnt want to be an offering for the goblins? :wink:

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I did that once already. Just put her in her own squad and boom, goblinbait.

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It has been mentioned in older topics, too, like this one:

I think this bug might have happened in really old alphas, but only now has been noticed/reported?

I just want to report I’m finding this bug in the most recent alpha again. (Release 210x64), though it seems the worker might have broken out of it? Now they’re ignoring the fact that they need food.