Why do my dwellers sleep on the floor when there are plenty of beds?

I have 2 of the prefab 4 bed dwellings and 2 prefab cottage for 2s… And my villagers always wind up crashing out on the lawn. And I haven’t even brewed them any ale! Sometimes this is the bug reported where they sleep next to the bed, but sometimes they’re just out in the middle of nowhere.

hearthlings compare how tired they are to how close they are to a bed. if a hearthling needs a bed but, for example, they’re way out in the wilderness, they’ll just crash on the floor. if they’re at the town gate, relatively close to the bed but still a ways away, then it depends on how tired they are - if they’re only a little tired, then they’ll rush home to sleep in the bed (or, at least, to the closest bed available, regardless of whose it is. if I find george sleeping in my bed ONE MORE TIME…). for example, set a hearthling as a soldier, and set an attack flag, but put it right next to their bed. even though they are tired, they won’t sleep in the bed because they’re under the attack flag. wait a day, and then cancel the attack flag, and they’ll just crash on the floor, because 1 block is just too far away compared to how tired they are.

once night time comes, just stop making your hearthlings do work far away from the beds. or make beds to move out to where they’re working.


Hey, thanks for the detailed reply. Guess I need to make a little ‘Woodsman’s Hut’ and ‘Mining Bunks.’

That said, sometimes they seem to fall asleep just a few (5-20) squares from an open bed. More generally, I really only have seen anyone sleeping IN a bed once or twice, I see them sleeping on the ground all the time. Any other ideas about why they would collapse on the ground when they’re really quite close to a bed? Hopefully I can get some screenshots this evening.

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I seem to remember that there were a few other similar threads on this topic, or at least that this was mentioned before, but I’m not 100% about it. From what i recall, it was something with the AI pathfinding, but this all might be me creating things where they don’t actually exist…


Got it, so it may not look like far to me, but to the hearthling it may actually be a lot farther.